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Cometto the best at moving the biggest

If you need to move sections of a container ship, a large bridge or an offshore oil platform – you’re going to need more than a trailer, you’re going to need a Cometto, a Self-Propelled Electronic Modular Trailer.

Cometto is a global leader in this oversize transport technology and Drake Trailers is very proud to be Australia’s exclusive agent for their impressive range of multi-directional self-propelled vehicles.

Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMTs) and Self-Propelled Electronic Modules –are electronically controlled platform modular vehicles with a huge arrange of wheels and axles – for example 24 axles and 48 wheels, each of which is controlled individually for maximum, precise manoeuvrability. SPMTs have one function and that is to move incredibly large and heavy objects that can have a payload capacity of more than 15,000t.

Cometto also manufacture a range of modular vehicle trailers, self-propelled transporters and electric modular transporters, however the range of Cometto SPMT systems commonly used in Australia include standard features such as:

  • Each family is available in 2.43 metres or 3 metres width and 3, 4, 5 and 6 axle lines layout
  • Cometto Management Software (CMS) controls all the functions needed to handle large projects
  • The Cometto MSPE series offers several vehicle combinations and interconnections between the various families
  • Highest payloads are achieved with tubeless tyres, with clear advantages in terms of durability and ground aggression
  • Cometto’s patented Hydraulic Advanced System enables synchronised lifting pressure and ground loads when different MSPE families are mixed in the same convoy.

Innovation in transport solutions is something both Cometto and Drake Trailers are committed to and both companies have a history of being involved in ground-breaking, landmark projects. For Cometto, one such project was the construction of the Orbiter Transportation System for NASA back in 1983 as well as the first 3,000t self-propelled vehicle, which was commissioned by Korean shipbuilder, Hyundai.

There is not an oversize transport challenge that Drake Trailers cannot meet. Together with our network of business partners, we take great pride in understanding the long-term business objectives of our customers and transport companies by adapting and customising our extensive trailer range to meet customer needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can design a transport solution for your business.

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