Drake and Cometto create “The Ant”

Drake Trailers is proud of its successful partnership with Cometto, our partner based in Italy. Cometto specialises in the distribution of modular self-propelled construction and heavy engineering equipment. The quality and reliability of their products complement Drake Trailers’ innovative, robust, and high-quality brand of engineering.

Drake Trailers partners with Cometto

“Where there is a technology gap in-house we either try to develop it or acquire it,” said General Manager of Drake Trailers, Khali Lake. “In this case we chose to acquire it as far as possible and we will continue to develop it jointly with Cometto. We need to help our clients be as efficient as possible, including seeking innovative ways to improve their transport requirements on and around mines,” he said.

“The Ant”

The partnership has already resulted in the fruition of “The Ant”. “The Ant” is a modular, self-propelled mine site transporter that can carry 1,000 tonnes. It has the significant advantage of modularity, which means that a client could use “The Ant” to move a 400-tonne piece of equipment one day, before adding modules to move 1,000-tonnes the next day.

Innovate mine site trailers

Traditional mine site trailers have to be hauled by dedicated tow vehicles, or even dump trucks. This isn’t the case with “The Ant”. “The Ant” eliminates the need for dedicated tow vehicles due to the innovative self-propelling functionality.

The mining industry

The mining and infrastructure industries continue to grow and expand through the reliability of Drake Trailers. The mining industry requires a constantly high consumption of capital equipment. The equipment isn’t just required at the site of the mine, but in the mining regions with the growth of mining industry infrastructure and development.

Drake grows with partnership

As the reliance on Drake’s custom-designed, innovative engineered solutions grows, the mining industry grows. And with the support of the mining industry, Drake Trailers has seen unprecedented growth and interest from those seeking specialised trailer solutions.

Drake Trailers

Drake are world leaders in innovative and robust design. We have been customising trailer solutions for Australia and the world for over 50 years. The confidence in our product is backed by our world-famous trailers and die-cast models, which are highly sought-after pieces.

The resale value on our customised Drake Trailers products continues to demonstrate the strength, safety, and rock solid reliability of our heavy haulage machines and equipment. Call Drake Trailers to talk about how we can partner with you to innovate your transport requirements.