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Faymonville acquires self-propelled modular trailer creator Cometto

The Faymonville Group are well-known across Europe for the construction of towed equipment for the specialist haulage equipment, as well as the transportation of glass and concrete elements. Earlier this year, the group announced that they had reached an agreement to acquire 100% shares of Italian company Industrie Cometto S.p.A.

Cometto now propelled to the max

Cometto Industries is a global manufacturer for self-propelled modular trailers. In addition to this offering, Cometto specialises in self-propelled equipment for large and unusual sized industrial applications, including sections of container ships and even off-shore oil platforms.

Integrating Cometto into the Faymonville Group will be advantageous for both companies and their clients across Europe, with the merger of Faymonville’s knowledge in the production process and Cometto’s expertise in self-propelled modular segments.

The Drake Group is Cometto’s exclusive Australian agent

Cometto’s innovative oversize transport technology is readily available in Australia through their partnership with The Drake Group, particularly Drake Trailers.

The collaboration between Cometto and Drake Trailers came to fruition in 2012, with the launch of The Ant – a fully modular self-propelled trailer specifically designed for mine sites. This model can carry 1,000 tonnes and eliminates the need for dedicated tow vehicles due to its versatile functionality.

The introduction of these custom-built transport solutions provided by Drake Trailers has seen growth of scope within the mining industry.  And due to the high demand of Cometto’s modular self-propelled electronic (MSPE), further models have been released, which have payload capacities up to 15,000 tonnes and are ready to build to business requirement through Drake Trailers.

Cometto MSPE in action

Whether you need to safely transport a large ship or sections of a steel bridge, the Cometto MSPE series are specially designed for a wide variety of heavy-duty requirements, with its customised mobile lifting platforms, which can take to any shape or dimension, giving you breadth to load up to 15,000 tonnes.

Cometto’s MSPE isn’t just designed for one-time transport either. The openness and flexibility of the electronic management can be adapted to suit future needs, reducing its risk of desuetude.

While each Cometto transporter can be fully customised via a collaboration with the engineering experts at Drake Trailers, the standard features include:

  • Families available in 2.43 metres or 3 metres width and 3, 4, 5 and 6 axle lines layout
  • Cometto Management Software
  • Multiple vehicle combinations to connect the various families
  • Patented Hydraulic Advanced System

The Drake Group is excited for future endeavours with Faymonville Cometto, and is proud of the achievements in innovation Drake Trailers and Cometto have made to serve the long-term objectives of their customers. Get in contact today to see how a Cometto MSPE trailer can boost your business.