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About The Drake Group

Over 60 years of industry-leading expertise in engineering, trailer manufacturing and transport design.

From a local Brisbane trailer manufacturer to a growing Group of companies, this is our story.

In 1958, Colin Drake founded Drake Trailers with one simple goal:
to manufacture the best low loader trailers in the business.

  • Locally made, from quality materials,
  • Extremely strong and versatile,
  • Engineered for excellence, and
  • Groundbreaking in design.

It was on these foundations that we built our legacy.

We became trailblazers in trailer manufacturing.

We listened to our customers and offered constant improvements in performance, capability and safety.

We helped transform the heavy haulage industry, year upon year.

Now, more than 60 years later, we’ve grown into The Drake Group: a collection of leading brands, each dedicated to excellence in engineering.


Drake lives on because quality stands the test of time.

We’re still family owned and privately operated.

We’re still dedicated to quality, reliability and innovation.

We still back local Australian manufacturing.

And we still deliver the best transport products that go the distance.

A purchase from The Drake Group is one you’ll never regret. That’s our promise.

See our story unfold






The Drake Group of Companies

Our brands promise the highest quality, reliability and innovation in transport manufacturing and design.

Our Core Brands


Making light work of heavy loads

The Drake family started their trailer business from a small workshop in Brisbane in 1958. From the early days, Drake Trailers were determined to build Australia’s best trailers, focusing on strong materials and robust engineering which offers long-term efficiency, safety and rock-solid reliability.

Every new Drake trailer has improved the capability and safety of heavy haulage in one of Australia’s most demanding industries. Our core range of trailers is second to none. We are known for our custom trailer designs to cater to specialised loads and highly specific customer needs and standards. As a result, Drake has become the first choice for many businesses within the industry.

A Drake Trailer investment equates to a great resale value.


Innovative semi trailers

Drake acquired O’Phee Trailers in 2015, formalising an alliance in quality trailer manufacturing. O’Phee Trailers is a pioneering force in the world of semi-trailers with a strong brand built on values of quality, reliability and service. O’Phee Trailers have over 40 years of experience manufacturing tough semi-trailers built to withstand the harshest conditions in Australia.

O’Phee has created a wide range of products including Curtain Slidas, perfect for flexible haulage of general goods, and Drop Decks and Flat Tops for heavy haulage jobs. O’Phee is well-known for bringing Performance-Based Standards to life long before it became widespread throughout the heavy transport industry.


Authentic collectibles

2009 marked the beginning of a new identity: Drake Collectibles.

We founded Drake Collectibles in response to demand from avid diecast collectors and Drake Trailer operators alike. The initial focus was on replicas of Australian produced heavy transport equipment, starting with the iconic Drake Swingwing Low Loader, Dolly and Kenworth T908 Prime Mover combination.

Drake Collectibles have now produced a variety of highly collectable replicas of both Australian and international pedigrees and are rapidly being recognised as a major contributor to the world-wide premium collectable market.

Our Agency Brands


Expert hands and extraordinary attention to detail

The Drake Group are the exclusive dealer for the Sunseeker brand on the East Coast of Australia. Sunseeker is a UK-built motor yacht company, specialising in boats sizing from 40-161ft.

This arm of the business was born through The Drake Group’s owner, John Drake, who has a keen passion for luxury boats and understands the needs of a discerning buyer and the requirement to service and support the customer to the highest level.


Our clients are our best ambassadors

Since 2011, The Drake Group has been the industrial and commercial partner for Boxloader in Australia.

Boxloader are a leader in the sidelifter industry, driven to innovate with customer needs at the forefront of every design. Through collaboration with O’Phee Trailers, the BOXLOADER Multiloader provides a point-to-point transportation solution made with the operator in mind.


Designed by experience

The Drake Group became an exclusive distributor of Swinglift to the Australian market in 2019.

O’Phee Trailers have collaborated with Swinglift to design container sideloaders that boast significant tare weight savings through a lighter, stronger frame design and crane modules that provide quicker, safer and more reliable operation for the user.


Propelled to the max

The Drake Group are the exclusive dealer for Cometto products in Australia. Cometto is the specialist for the development and manufacture of heavy load modules and self-propelled modular vehicles for service loads exceptionally heavy, long, wide or tall – up to 15,000 tonnes!

The Drake Group have the proficiency to handle any Cometto spare parts and servicing tasks across the country

Our Specialist Service Divisions


Trailer servicing to get you back on the road, faster

The Drake Group have fully equipped workshops in Brisbane and Perth, dedicated to servicing and repairing all makes of transport equipment.

The Drake Group offer maintenance services, fleet servicing, onsite breakdown servicing, rebuilds, wheel alignments, machinery inspections and have access to HVRAS, Registration and third party road worthy certificates.

The service and repair businesses are supported by our core engineering business meaning no project is outside of our capabilities.


Quality trailer parts at affordable prices

The Drake Group stock high quality spare parts for trailers manufactured by Drake Trailers O’Phee Trailers, BoXLoader and Cometto.

Parts even extend to trailers manufactured 60 years ago, as many of our models are still in use and in great condition. The Drake Group has several strategic freight partners meaning we can have parts dispatched and into the customer without delay both nationally and internationally.


Engineering excellence for 60+years

The Drake Group are equipped to meet every engineering need and are experienced in heavy and specialised vehicle swept path analysis (2D and 3D), route swept path simulation using satellite imagery, trailer load engineering which includes weight distribution, load stability and tie-down requirements, and general drafting services for the transport industry.

Our engineering services team works across our customer bases, industry bodies and associations as well as closely with the regulators to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry.