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Features include

  • Our side loader range has revolutionised the handling and transportation of containers around the world.
  • They provide fast, safe, profitable and productive solutions with superior stability.
  • The ideal side loader for container transportation, lifting and moving requirements, be it trailer to trailer, truck to trailer or rail or to ground.
  • Lift modules are constructed from quality, proven high tensile steel giving extreme strength.
  • Swinglift container side loader range effectively brings the wharf or rail siding into every shipper’s premises.

Standard features

  • Swinglift side loaders consist of lift modules or cranes. These are fitted to a trailer chassis or subframe mounted on a truck.
  • The modules incorporate outstanding wide reach, stabilizer legs, and jibs.
  • These are controlled by a hydraulic system and powered by an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) or the tractor’s power take-off system (PTO).
  • Our lift modules are constructed from quality, proven high tensile steel giving extreme strength. They slide smoothly in or out for 20’, 40’ or 45’ positions.

Auxiliary and optional equipment

    • This combination makes Swinglift side loader range the safest, strongest side loaders available in the market.

We offer two models of chassis design:

Original or unique Lattice chassis which is the industry preferred standard, giving a very low tare weight while maintaining excellent strength.

I-Beam chassis which was introduced to provide customers with an alternative benchmark when comparing with alternative brand side loaders.


Not all container movements are of heavy or fully loaded containers. We offer a range of container handling products to meet the needs of the transport operator who does not want to utilise their full load container side loaders for these light loads. Greater efficiencies with less cost.

The SL20 can be truck mounted or supplied as a demountable unit that is easily fixed to any truck chassis or trailer with mountings to suit any standard 20’ ISO twistlock centres allowing the use of the Minilift on a wide range of equipment.

SL20M Chassis: Truck Mounted
SL20DM Chassis: Demountable
Lifting Capacity: 12 Tonne
Containers: 1 x 20′

DEDICATED 20’ or 40’

For transport operators that do not need the flexibility of sliding lift modules, there are savings to be gained in choosing a side loader dedicated to either 20’ or 40’ containers only.

HC20 Trailer
Fixed trailer length. Fixed lift modules for 20’ position only.

HC20 Truck
Carry mid weight containers on the truck (dependent on truck chassis GVM). Fixed lift modules for 20’ position only.

Trailer Chassis: I Beam
Lifting Capacity: 35 Tonne
Containers: 1 x 20′

Drake Group

Hi-tensile steel
‘Lightweight’ frame

Drake Group


Drake Group


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